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The beauty of the mountain Genuk in Jepara

Traveled to Mount Genuk is beautiful in Jepara - What do you know about mountain Genuk? Genuk mountain is a mountain located in the northern tip of the island of Java, or rather on the peninsula mountain Muria, Central Java. Genuk mountain called Mount Donorojo or mountain Celiring. Genuk mountain shows many phenomena that need a comprehensive assessment. It means the existing problems, or simply from the study of the science of volcanic glasses must be proved also by other natural sciences.

The discovery of monogenic volcanoes in the southwest, which is characterized by the appearance of the landscape sloping landscape between plains are commonly used by the local community as rice fields or solitary hills or isolated outside the small caldera mountain Genuk. In general, this pillow lava outcrops, identical or similar to breccia autoklastika. Color outer gray-brown and the inside is gray rather dark to dark. State afanitik to porphyritic rocks smooth textured hipokristalin, forming the structure of the pillow is less than perfect, the local spread, the exterior shows breccia structure, flow, fractured and some showed hefty radier shaped cooling, the composition of andesitic to basaltic andesite.

Mountain Genuk

The pillow lava finding the location on the river bottom Lamat or behind the hermitage Ratu Kalinyamat or often used as tourist attractions because of the trust if the bath in running water in the river will be ageless. Stratigraphically volcano, the existence lava flows outside this pillow Genuk Mountain region and exposed between a rock sediment pyroclastic tuff, lapilli stones and volcanic breccia generated mountain Genuk. So it is possible outside of these igneous rocks older age or may be called Genuk old. Basaltic andesite lava is an early phase of development Genuk mountain old then die and followed by the mountain Genuk growth in its northern part such as we now know. At Mount Genuk there are a wide variety of flora, such as papaya tree and kapok tree. There are also fauna such as, anteaters, beetles, hedgehogs and mongoose. Tourist attractions mountain Genuk is beautiful in Jepara seems to be used as an alternative for those of you who were around Jepara regency. Thus we can write about mountain Genuk. Hopefully this information is useful. Thank you

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