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Traveled to the Mandalika island in Jepara

Traveled to the Mandalika island in Jepara - In this regency, there are a lot of natural beauty and the beauty of its islands. If you come to this regency, you will be pampered with a variety of beauty that is so remarkable. One of the beauty contained in Mandalika island. Mandalika island is a small island in the Java Sea, located in the north of the northern seas of Central Java. More precisely Mandalika island within 2 Km from the northern village of Ujung Watu, Jepara regency - Central Java. To reach the Mandalika island you can use a fishing boat with travel time about half an hour. Mandalika island located 2 Km from the shoreline or 500 meters from the cliff tourist attractions Portuguese fort, which is located on the coast in Ujung Watu.

In Mandalika island, there is a beach so beautiful with crystal clear water and bluish green. This island was uninhabited. So you should be careful when visiting Mandalika island because this island were still partially forested. But a sense of misgivings will be paid by the charm of beauty presented by Mandalika island. Mandalika around the island, there are a variety of fish that you can enjoy with fishing these fish such as grouper fish, snapper white fish, earthenware fish, stingrays and sembilang fish. So traveled to the Mandalika island become a major tourist destination by local people to spend the holidays with family and relatives.

Mandalika beach in Jepara

Uniqueness of Mandalika island Jepara
From the Portuguese fort, especially at the top, beauty of the Mandalika island can be seen with a camera or binoculars. Because, located only about 500 meters from the mainland Portuguese fort Jepara north. In Mandalika island, there are some interesting and unique facilities.

In Mandalika Island, there is a lighthouse that serves to control the fishermen while at sea. If you are passing through shipping lanes Kartini Karimunjawa - Jepara, then you will pass Mandalika island and also the Portuguese fort. There are very cool and away from the crowds, it is suitable for vacation and refresh the brain.

In addition to the lighthouse, on the island of Mandalika, there are also housing the fishermen and a variety of interesting plants. In fact, there existing plant called "Nongko Celeng" as one of the typical plant Mandalika Island Jepara. Uniquely, the plant was able to pull out the fruit, through the soil, the direction of the root. In addition, the interesting part of the Mandalika island is the tomb of Syed Ustman or a nayaka (minister) of the Kingdom Kalinyamat.

Mandalika island also has a unique myth. From the stories of local residents, it is said, there is Luweng palace gate with the king that is the Demon Bajul White. If there is people who have white skin, such as Portuguese nation, then they will be sucked into the sea. They will disappear somewhere because sucked in by the gates of the palace Luweng Demon.

Mandalika island in Jepara

From the literature reported by, unique events according oath Demon Bajul White when defeated Ki Leseh. The Demon promise and swear that there are people who were white such as his skin, and they pass above the gate Luweng Demon, it will be sucked into the sea and disappeared somewhere.

As is known by many people in the village of Ujung Watu, subdistrict Keling - Jepara regency has white skin. They were believed to be descendants of Portuguese nation who had colonized there, and established Portuguese fort. Not surprisingly, many residents of Jepara generally have white skin and for women are very beautiful, and for men look handsome.

To get to the Mandalika island you can rent a fishing boat and use the boat lines Kartini Karimunjawa - Jepara that passes between the Portuguese fort and Mandalika island. The time required to reach Mandalika island about 30 minutes and you can immediately enjoy the beauty Mandalika Island at a cost that is still unconfirmed. Thus a natural beauty Mandalika island can we present in this article. Probably many more beauty of the Mandalika Island that we have not mentioned here. So for those of you who are curious about the natural beauty of the Mandalika island you can just come traveled to the Mandalika island and discover other beauty of the Mandalika Island. Thank you and good visit.

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