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List of tourist attractions in Jepara regency

List of tourist attractions in Jepara regency (Central Java) - Jepara regency is one of regency that is in the administrative region of Central Java province, located in the northern part of the island of Java and entered the territory of the northern coast. Jepara regency known for having some of the goals tourist attractions are very beautiful. That's because in Jepara has a landscape that is very complete, from the islands, beaches, plains, up the mountains. Not only the natural attractions, there are also some religious tourism destination.

Karimunjawa island is one tourist destination not to be missed. Islands with a variety of natural beauty is very interesting to visit. Although it recognized the development of the tourist island is still very minimal. One is access to the location of the island of Karimun. The only one lane only relying on ferries, which is not every day there, in contrast to the island of Bali. For more details, please listened to alongside some destination interesting sights in regency of Jepara - Central Java:

Natural tourism
  • Mount Genuk, in Celering
  • Long island
  • Mount Muria, in Keling
  • Mandalika island, in Ujungwatu
  • Karimun islands and clusters
  • Bayuran beach, in Tubanan
  • Kartini beach, in Bulu
  • Empu Rancak beach, in Karanggondang
  • Tirto Samodra beach, in Bandengan
  • Guamanik Pecatu beach, in Ujungwatu
  • Pungkruk beach, in Mororejo
  • The surf beach of the Dead, in Bondo
  • Awur Gulf coast, in Telukawur
  • Suweru beach, in Balong
  • Semat beach, in Semat
  • Beringin beach, in Bumiharjo
  • Blebak beach, in Sekuro
  • Pailus beach, in Karanggondang
  • Bungpes, in Gerdu
  • Punden reservoirs, in Gemulung
  • Belik Angel and Jake Tarub, in Daren
  • Telaga Million Roots, in Bondo
  • Cave Tritip, in Ujungwatu
  • Cave Sakti, in Plajan
  • Wono Pinus Setro, in Bate Alit
  • Cave Manik, in Sumanding
  • Waterfall Songgo sky, in Bucu
  • Waterfall Suroloyo, in Bungu
  • Sreni Beautiful, in Bate Gede
  • Waterfall Grinjingan Dowo, in Dudakawu
  • Waterfall Nglamer, in Dudakawu
  • Waterfall Gorge Nganten, in Cape
  • Waterfall Banyu Anjlok, in Somosari
  • Waterfall Nglumprit, in Dudakawu

Map of Jepara

Historical Tourism
  • VOC fortress, in Ujungbatu
  • Portuguese fort, in Banyumanis
  • Museum Raden Ajeng Kartini, in Panggang
  • Monument placenta of Raden Ajeng Kartini, in Pelemkerep
  • Museum Gong of World Peace, in Plajan
  • Gate of Baiturrohman I mosque, in Robayan
  • Great mosque of Baitul Makmur, in Kauman
  • Mantingan Astana mosque, in Mantingan
  • Bubrah temple, in Combat
  • Temple of Hian Thian Siang Tee, in Welahan
  • Wind temple, in Combat

Religious Tourism
  • The tomb of Habib Ali, in Mayong
  • The tomb of Habib Sodiq (Yek Nde) and Kyai Haji Noor Ahmad SS, in Kriyan
  • The tomb of Sheikh Abu Bakr, on Long Island
  • The tomb of Assayyid Thoyyib Thohir and Shaikh Syamsuri, in Penagon, Nalumsari, Jepara
  • The tomb of Sheikh Siti jenar, in Kelet
  • The tomb of Sunan Hadirin and Ratu Kalinyamat and Raden Abdul Jalil (Sunan Jepara), in Mantingan
  • The tomb of Sheikh Amir Hasan (Sunan Nyamplungan), in Karimunjawa
  • The tomb of Prince Sharif and Mbah Jenggolo, in Saripan
  • The tomb of Datuk Gunardi, in Singorojo
  • The tomb of Mbah Datuk Subuh, in Sidigede
  • The tomb of Mbah Roboyo, in Robayan
  • The tomb of Mbah Pakisaji, in Potroyudan
  • Citrosomo (tomb of the duke/regent who had led Jepara and large families of Raden Ajeng Kartini), in Sendang
  • The tomb of Ki Gede, in Bangsri
  • The tomb of Ronggo Kusumo, in Manyargading

Tourism cultural heritage
  • Sonder hermitage, in Tulakan
  • Siti Inggil Kalinyamat palace, in Kriyan
  • Kalinyamat fortress walls, at the tomb of Mbah Sacam Robayan
  • Kutha Bedah (former market of royal Kalinyamat), in Robayan

Family Tourism
  • Shinta swimming pool, in Pecangaan Kulon
  • Turtle ocean park, in Bulu
  • Alamoya waterboom, in Bapangan
  • 3D Theater and Tiara park waterboom, in Purwogondo
  • Kebonan Kampoeng Maen, in Bapangan
  • Mitra waterboom, in Bangsri
  • Tempur tourist village, in Tempur
  • Plajan tourist village, in Plajan

Shopping Tourism
  • Jepara Galeria Mall Entertainment Centre, in Kauman
  • Craft market, in Margoyoso
  • Karangrandu market (market of typical snacks in Jepara), in Karangrandu
  • Apung market, in Demaan
  • Saudara Supermarket, in Ngabul
  • Jepara Trade and Tourism Center (JTTC), in Rengging
  • Shopping Centre Jepara (SCJ), in Panggang
  • Ngabul market (Durian market), in Ngabul
  • Mayong Square, in Sengonbugel

Fishing Tourism
  • Fishing and food stalls Kalinyamatan, in Batukali
  • Fishing Saung Ngembet, in Pelang
  • Fishing resto cafe Lumbung Djati, in Ngabul
  • Fishing Cemoro Twins, in Ngabul

Mystery Tourism (Urban Legend)
  • Bonjot sugar factory, in Krasak
  • Jute sacks factory, in Pecangaan Kulon

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