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Tourist attraction Tlogo Putri

In Kaliurang has many tourist attractions one of which sites are visited by tourists are the attraction Tlogo Putri. Tlogo Putri attraction located in the village Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

In Tlogo Putri, visitors will find a lot of beauty and uniqueness as well as the experience that is so appealing. When you are in Tlogo Putri, you will feel the air is so fresh and cool. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the lake that was around Tlogo Putri, a small lake. Although small lake is presenting so much beauty especially during the afternoon Tlogo Putri Travel reversed. You can watch the sunset from this lake. Beside the lake is also a stage that is used for a variety of performances such as puppet show, dangdut stage performance and so forth.

Besides the scenery is so beautiful and amazing, there is also provided a wide range of games that you can enjoy, including:
  • Flying Fox
  • Rental boat (canoe)
  • Ferris wheel

Tlogo Putri

For those of you who like nature and want to enjoy the natural atmosphere tourist area of Yogyakarta Tlogo Putri who was still so beautiful and unspoiled you can take the time to go into the forest area managed by Perhutani. When you enter the forest, you will be greeted by hordes of monkeys are very funny and a little bit naughty.

After you pass a path that bit away you will find a waterfall that is so beautiful and majestic with rocks surrounding the waterfall make it look more amazed. As well as the water is very fresh and crisp, the waterfall is named Tlogo Mancur.

Behind the Tourism Tlogo Putri beautiful and magnificent, the garden tour also provided a variety of food stalls selling traditional foods such as tempeh misbegotten, pecel and rabbit satay. The entrance fee to this location is at IDR 3,500 per person and parking costs IDR 2,000 per motorcycle. So you can spend your holiday time with friends, family and even with your partner without having to pay that much. Moreover, if on the day of the week, this area will be visited by tourists intending to enjoy the beauty Tlogo Putri. Because every day of the week in a tourist area manager Tlogo Putri often hold art performances. So for those of you intending to watch art performance is better you come on Sundays only.

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