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The beautiful tourist village Ketingan

In Sleman there is a village that is so beautiful and cool. The village is very suitable to serve as a vacation spot that Ketingan Tourism Village. Enjoy the rural atmosphere that is so fresh and naturally it fit for a vacation. Ketingan tourist village known as Village Tourism Egret (heron). Ketingan village is one of the Tourism Village in Yogyakarta, located in the hamlet Ketingan, Tirtoadi village, Mlati subdistrict, Sleman. Ketingan tourist village is located 3 Km from the street Magelang.

Ketingan village brings so much beauty and natural charm that is so natural, beautiful and charming. The beauty of this tourist village Ketingan also be very special because of the existence of colonies of egrets (heron) and birds blekok which amounts to very much, even can reach thousands tail. These birds come during the rainy season when they enter mating season. Ketingan In the village, there are many substations are commonly used as a bird observation. So, you can see the beautiful sights Ketingan tourist village area in the early evening twilight while observing the behavior patterns of birds unique.

Tourist village Ketingan

As well as every morning you will be presented with the beauty of twilight in the morning, the beauty of a green colored rice wide transversely in the village and you can also feel the freshness of the air that is so typical rural village Ketingan. In addition, you can also see birds egrets and heron fly scattered out of the village towards the area paddies for foraging. In the twilight of the day, these birds were back to Hamlet Ketingan. They used to nest in trees that are still widely available in the village Ketingan.

Especially at night you will be presented with natural musical typical during enjoy exquisite Tourism Village Ketingan that is the sound of crickets and the sound of frogs and the beauty of light flickering like lights that fly, the light coming from fireflies that may not exist in cities big. So, for those of you who want to listen to music sonority of the nature you can spend the night in the village, because in this village is provided rental housing (home stay). The facilities available here include local guide, bird watchers tower, rustic-style inn.

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