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Tourist attraction Prambanan temple in Djogjakarta

Now I will discuss about the tourist attraction in the city Djogjakarta. One is a tourist spot Prambanan. Temple of Prambanan is the masterpiece of Hindu culture from the 9th century building which has a height of about 47 meters. The Temple of Prambanan or Roro Jonggrang is a beautiful Hindu temple in the world and also the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia.

Tourist attractions Prambanan temple has so much beauty ranging from the architect of the building is very grand and is equipped with three main temples are located on the main yard Temple of Prambanan. The three main temples are Vishnu Temple, Braha Temple and Shiva Temple. Three of the temple is a symbol of Trimurti in Hindu belief and three temples are equally facing towards the east. Out of the three temples has its own uniqueness and each temple accompanied by the temple facing towards the west. The temple has two temples Apit, four temples Kelir, four temples Patok and two of hundred twenty-four temples Perwara.

Behind Prambanan temple, there is a zoo that contains many of the animals deer. You can also find various types of relief including relief Kalpatura, various reliefs of a real bird. With the relief of a real bird so that the visitors can do research here. One of them is the yellow-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) bird reliefs.

The most beautiful Prambanan temple

In the middle of Prambanan temple, there is a beautiful garden and you can take advantage of a break with the family. As well as for those who want to know the history of Prambanan temple, you can go to the Museum of Prambanan temple. If you are traveling to the area Prambanan temple in the afternoon you will get a beautiful panorama of the afternoon sun with a reddish orange color - redness seen among of the building that make Prambanan temple is seen more beautiful and awesome. What if during the night you will be amazed by the beauty of the light beams are lined up around the temple Prambanan.

So, no wonder if the Prambanan temple is a the most beautiful Hindu temple in Southeast Asia region. But you can not enter the temple if you visit at night because the temple is open from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. The price of admission to Prambanan temple around IDR 20,000 per person for adults and IDR 9,000 per child for children under 6 years of age. Here you can also shop for food and souvenirs typical of Djogjakarta city in the stores that lined the area around Prambanan temple.

Do you agree that the place is very beautiful Prambanan temple tour? Tourist attractions Prambanan temple that you can use as reference if you have difficulty determining the location of the holidays with family or friends. Beauty of the tourist attractions Prambanan temple will spoil your vacation, relaxation and remove the burden of the mind. Guaranteed tourist attractions Prambanan temple can entertain you. Good luck and good content of the reviews regarding the beauty of the temple of Prambanan be useful for you.

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