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Folklore behind Prambanan temple tourist attraction

Prambanan temple legend is a folk tale that has been circulating in the community about the origin of the founding of the Prambanan temple. This temple is situated in the subdistrict Prambanan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta and the subdistrict Prambanan, Klaten regency, Central Java. Prambanan temple is situated between the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. In the legend of Prambanan temple as the main character is of Roro Jonggrang. It is therefore, the legend of Prambanan temple is often called the Acts of Rara Jonggrang/Roro Jonggrang/Lara Jonggrang/Loro Jonggrang. Here is a folklore origin Prambanan temple tourist attraction:

In ancient times, in the land of Java stand two mutually neighboring kingdoms namely Pengging Kingdom and Baka Kingdom. Pengging is a very fertile kingdom. This kingdom has excellent products in agriculture. It is much the envy of surrounding kingdoms. Pengging kingdom led by a very wise king is named Prabu Damar Maya. Prabu Damar Maya has a mighty crown prince named Bandung Bondowoso. While the neighboring kingdom Pengging ie Baka kingdom is a kingdom inhabited by giants. Baka kingdom led by a king named Prabu Baka and have Patih named Patih Gupala. Prabu Baka had a daughter named of Roro Jonggrang. In contrast to their parents, it turns out of Roro Jonggrang has a very pretty face like a human.

Once, Prabu Baka have a desire to dominate Pengging Kingdom because it is a very interesting kingdom to be conquered. The reason is nothing but the problems are so abundant natural resources. If it can be dominate Pengging, then Prabu Baka may have a territory that is fertile and can more revenue from the taxation of his people. To realize this desire, Prabu Baka call the Patih Gupala. Prabu Baka give orders to Patih Gupala in order to prepare everything necessary, from start to strengthen weapons, to train the army to be more resilient in battle.

Tourist attraction Prambanan temple

Once is enough, Baka royal army went towards Pengging to attack. In this group participate himself king namely Prabu Baka. Pengging kingdom who got this sudden attack overwhelmed in the face. Prabu Damar Maya think hard to cope with the Baka royal army brutally attacked. Finally, Prabu Damar Maya call his crown prince, named Bandung Bondowoso. Bondowoso has a mighty body and has extraordinary magic power. Bondowoso requested directly by the father to overcome these attacks directly to the battlefield. Bravely he crushed a giant army of the Kingdom of Baka. Long story short, Bondowoso managed to repulse soldiers Kingdom Baka. In fact, the king of the kingdom Baka namely Prabu Baka were killed in the battle field.

Seeing the dead his lord, Patih Gupala bring the rest of the royal army to retreat back to the Kingdom of Baka. Bondowoso already very upset due to the attack of Prabu Baka. Bondowoso bring his best troops to catch the royal army Baka. Bondowoso intended to kill all the remaining troops. However, efforts Bondowoso is not easily realized because the royal army Baka succeeded in entering the Kingdom. Patih Gupala immediately facing the princess namely Roro Jonggrang. Roro Jonggrang sad to hear reports of Patih Gupala that her father had been killed in battle, killed by Bondowoso.

Meanwhile, Bondowoso and his troops managed to break through the Kingdom of Baka. They immediately kill every soldier they encountered. Consequently the Kingdom of Baka who was only kept a few soldiers can immediately be conquered. Including the duke namely Patih Gupala, can finally put down also by Bondowoso. Until the time comes, Bondowoso met with Roro Jonggrang. During this time, it turns out Bondowoso not know that the kingdom of Baka have a very beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang. First met, Bondowoso already fallen in love. Finally, without strings attached, Bondowoso intend to bring Roro Jonggrang home to Pengging to be his wife. Of course Roro Jonggrang objection. She does not want to marry with a man who had killed her father and had destroyed her kingdom.

However, Roro Jonggrang not dare say directly to Bondowoso. Roro Jonggrang think hard, how to reject an application Bondowoso without hurting his feelings and make him angry. Finally he has any sense. Roro Jonggrang filed a reservation to Bondowoso if he wanted to ask for her hand. Terms were very heavy making it impossible to be realized by Bondowoso. Terms question is, Bondowoso asked to create a lake and a thousand temples but in one night. Terms were very heavy. However, it turns out Bondowoso agreed. He is very confident to meet the demand Roro Jonggrang.

At a predetermined time, Bondowoso start making the lake and a thousand temples. Bondowoso was not doing all that work alone, but he employs thousands genie. Bondowoso turns aside magic in fighting it also has the ability to rule the thousands genie to fulfill orders. Before long, the first task to create the form of ready-made lake. This lake, later named Lake Jalatunda. Work continued with the creation of a thousand temples. Once the genie is working quickly so that a thousand temples in one night seems to be fulfilled.

Elsewhere, Roro Jonggrang began to fret saw Bondowoso work from within the palace. Roro Jonggrang proposed conditions, likely to be implemented by Bondowoso and she will be the queen. She thought hard how to keep Bondowoso failed to implement its requirements. Eventually she gained ideas. Roro Jonggrang collect the palace maids and mothers resident of Baka kingdom. These mothers were asked to burn rice straw and hit lesung. This is to make it appear as if the morning has arrived.

At the construction site of the temple, genie troops from Bondowoso heard the sound of lesung and saw a reddish glow on the eastern horizon, thinking morning had arrived. They immediately ran to leave the job of making the temple and back to nature. Bondowoso who know about it are very angry. Construction of the temple came to a standstill, while only less than 1 temple only. Genie troops from Bondowoso successfully complete the 999 temples and 1 lake. Bondowoso who know that all this work of Roro Jonggrang became increasingly angry.

Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso

At the time Roro Jonggrang approached Bondowoso to inform him that he had failed to fulfill the requirements requested, Bondowoso suddenly cast spells and cursed Roro Jongrang into a statue. This statue continues to develop into a temple. Finally, Roro Jonggrang turned into a temple and fulfilled the 1000 temples which she requested. People called this temple as "Sewu temple", because it was originally amounted to a thousand pieces. While the statue of Durga in the room north of the main temple at Prambanan, trusted by society as the embodiment Roro Jonggrang condemned by Bondowoso. In the Java language, Roro Jonggrang means "girl slim".

The above story is folklore about tourist attraction Prambanan temple. However, believe it or not all of these stories as if actually happened. Prambanan temple in the story amounted to 1000 pieces, really there and although it is a pile of stone. Only a few temples are successfully restored and shaped temple. Nowadays you can visit the Prambanan temple in the area is very beautiful. In the southern region of about 5 km Prambanan temple, the temple stands the queen Baka. The temple area is also believed to be the residence of Prabu Baka (Baka Kingdom). In Klaten district, there are wells/lake Jalatunda which can be a lake made Bondowoso as in the story above. In Boyolali district, there is the area called Pengging, which may have once been established a kingdom called Pengging, as in the legend above. Do you believe that this legend is the real story?

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