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The natural beauty of the Sermo reservoir

Tourism Sermo reservoir in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta beautiful - Talk about tourism in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta it can not be released from the reservoir Sermo very famous. Such as building reservoirs in general, Sermo reservoir was built for the purpose of water supply and irrigation. But because it has beautiful scenery then once can also be used as a tourism place potential. The tourists maybe can enjoy the beauty of Sermo reservoir and can get around the reservoir by boat tour and can also fish in the reservoir for the hobby fishing.

Nice addition to the tourist attractions during the holidays, Sermo reservoir is also very good for educational tours. In this case it can be used by academics to learn about various matters related Sermo reservoir both from the technical aspects of the building, geological, social, etc. Sermo Reservoir is often used as a location for field trips or a comparative study of the students especially who want to learn the technical about construction of this Sermo reservoir.

Sermo reservoir

Sermo reservoir is located in the middle stretch of the hills Menoreh. Making his way to the reservoir Sermo very exciting. Sermo reservoir stretch very wide. Puddles of water alone is more than 157 hectares, the flow of the river Ngrancah that divides Menoreh hills. This reservoir, is able to accommodate water up to 25 million cubic meters. The deepest part of the reservoir, according to local officials reach more than 60 meters. Visitors can see in detail every inch of this reservoir because there is access form the paved road wide enough along 21 Km surrounding Sermo reservoir.

Location Sermo reservoir (Kulon Progo - Yogyakarta)
Sermo reservoir is located in the village of Hargowillis, Kokap subdistrict, District of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Sermo reservoir a distance from Yogyakarta city center is about 32 kilometers.

Sermo reservoir scenery

The history behind the construction of Sermo reservoir
Sermo reservoir built during the administration of President Suharto in the new order. Sermo Reservoir was built by damming the river Ngrancah with about 22 billion construction costs and required development time of about 2 years and 8 months. The initial location before the dam was constructed in the form of agricultural land and settlements. So that at the time of development, the Government will facilitate the citizens who reside in the locations for the construction of reservoirs Sermo transmigration "Bedol Desa". At that time a total of 100 heads of family being transmigrated to Tak Toi Bengkulu and 7 heads of families being transmigrated to Perkebunan Inti Rakyat (PIR) of oil palm Riau. This is the purpose of the construction of reservoirs for irrigation systems suppletion Kalibawang area that has coverage area of 7152 Ha. Sermo irrigation system of reservoirs is an interconnection of several irrigation area. On 20 November 1996 the construction of the dam tour Sermo (Kulon Progo - Yogyakarta) that has been beautifully completed and inaugurated by President Soeharto.

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