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Tourist attractions Parangkusumo beach full of mystical

Parangkusumo beach resort full of mystical - Parangkusumo beach is a beach located in the district of Bantul, Yogyakarta province and still in one row to the Parangtritis beach. If taken from the city of Yogyakarta, this beach is distance of about thirty kilometers. This beach is associated with the Indian Ocean that have heavy waves. So, for visitors should be careful. In addition to the heavy waves, this beach also has another attraction in the form stretch of white sand wide and unique culture, which is indicated by the implementation of a special ritual at certain times.

Sunset of Parangkusumo beach

Mythical stories on the Parangkusumo beach
There is a story that develops in Parangkusumo beach, which is about Stone Love located at the beach. Stone Love the existing on the Parangkusumo beach contained in a building named Cepuri. These two stones, according to myth circulating in the community is a meeting place Panembahan Senopati (the first King of Mataram Kingdom) with Ratu Kidul. During the meeting, Panembahan Senopati appealed to Ratu Kidul in order to govern Mataram. Ratu Kidul agreed, but the condition Panembahan Senopati and his descendants should become her husband. Panembahan Senopati was agreed, on condition that the relationship was not going to produce a child. Indeed, the historical facts prove Panembahan Senopati can govern Mataram and make Mataram as ruler in Java land as well as respected by the surrounding kingdoms.

Ritual in Parangkusumo beach

Myths on the beach Parangkusumo
Senopati Panembahan success in meditating on the beach Parangkusumo later inspire the general public. They believe if you want tirakat on the beach Parangkusumo then all wishes can come true. Therefore, it is no wonder at certain moments in the Stone Love, many people who offer prayers to invoke the demand in various ways.

Admission prices Parangkusumo beach
Admission tickets are valid on the beach Parangkusumo is retribution ticket at the front gate. This ticket is included admission to Parangtritis beach because the beach is still in one area.
  • Admission IDR 3,000 per person
  • The entrance bike fee IDR 1,000
  • The entrance car fee IDR 5,000
  • Motorcycle parking fees IDR 2,000
  • Car parking fees IDR 5,000
  • ATV rental rate of IDR 50,000 per quarter-hour
  • Rental rates chariot IDR 20,000 per one rounds

Thus was a glimpse of the tourist attractions Parangkusumo beach in Bantul filled with mystical. Make sure you visit this beach when you going to travel to Yogyakarta.

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