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The beauty of cave Pindul with a river flowing in it

The sensation down the cave Pindul Yogyakarta, watery cave - Tourist attractions in Yogyakarta does have a wide variety of highly diverse. You can find tourist spot such as museums, historic sites, beaches, mountains, etc. One also can you meet is a tourist place in the form of cave. Actually almost every tourist spot cave in Indonesia, offers a natural beauty that is almost the same. Namely in the form of clusters of stalactites and stalagmites and various forms. But here we will discuss a very unique tourist spot that cave Pindul. The uniqueness of this cave is how we down this cave from the base to the tip of the cave. Surely you would think that the cave Pindul together with other caves in Indonesia. In fact do not. Because the cave Pindul in it flowing underground river. That is to say that the cave Pindul form inside the cave but no water. Cave Pindul has a length of 350 meters with water depth of 5 to 12 meters. To follow it down the course different from the other cave. For cave down Pindul, required equipment safety standards in the form of a vest buoys and floats in this case wearing the old tires that fit adults occupied. Exciting or not? Let us follow the review of more of tourist spot in the cave Pindul Yogyakarta.

The location of the cave Pindul
The location Pindul cave is in Yogyakarta or the complete address in the village Bejiharjo, Karangmojo sub-district, Gunung Kidul regency. If you skip track of Yogyakarta using private cars are:
From Yogyakarta - highway Wonosari - Piyungan - Bukit Patuk - Forest Bunder - highway Wonosari (Patuk-Playen) - Field Ivory - the junction red light take the road to the left (straight) - highway Wonosari (Playen-Wonosari take towards the city Wonosari) - roundabouts Siyono (crossroad that there is a fountain in the middle) take the direction to the left - Follow the asphalt road width (there is the junction turn take a right) - straight up to a red light - the intersection red light straight - there is a the junction the left side there is the village gate Bejiharjo turn left - Follow the paved road continues up to the location there are many text Pindhul/Pindul.

Folklore behind the cave Pindul Yogyakarta
The existence of the cave Pindul in Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta can not be separated from Joko Singlulung travel stories that have been handed down for generations by people around the cave. This story is the story of Joko Singlulung while searching for his father. He was looking for by searching the dense forest, along the river to find his father in the cave. When searching in the cave there is water (cave Pindul), head Joko Singlulung collided a large rock and cheeks become swollen. Cave where Joko Singlulung collided rock cave called Pindul derived from the word "Pipi gebendul", which means that collided cheek.

The sensation down the cave Pindul
As we have expressed above that for Pindul cave down this must be done with a float because the conditions were watery and very deep. This activity is called "Cave Tubing". Cave Tubing term was first used to refer to the traverse in the cave Kalisuci. Cave Tubing in Kalisuci using tires is claimed as the first activity in the world, which is then followed by another cave including Pindul contained cave underground river. For down cave Pindul should be grouped. Usually one group or party will be hosted by one particular officer who served pull buoy tires entourage while at the same time be a tour guide. Inside the cave later this officer who will show visitors about some interesting information. Oh yes if you enter the cave Pindul must hand in hand. In the tire there is a special rope must be held by fellow members of the group. If you come alone or with a small group typically will be combined with the other party. You are allowed to bring a camera for entering the cave Pindul and free photograph, but be careful. If you careless could slightly drowned into water damaged your camera later. But if it does not bring the camera also really love, when else can get a unique moment like this.

Cave Pindul

Upon entry into the cave Pindul you will be presented with several clusters of stalactites and stalagmites are very beautiful. The water in the cave is quiet, not heavy, even flow will not feel so safe. Guides usually attracts entourage slowly while enjoying the scenery as well as explain some natural phenomena that exist in the cave Pindul interesting. Be careful, do not often looked up, because there are bats in the cave that could urinate hit your face. Rather annoying really, but how else, naturally it is the cave their home right? We were guests there, so it should a few are patient. Oh yes, if you have a flashlight can be taken, specifically for adventure so let more fun. Inside there are no lights, lighting flashlight rely on a guide only.

Inside the cave Pindul existing one point that is very interesting. The scenery here is amazing. So at this place the top of the cave existing a sort of gap so that sunlight can enter. If you take a photo with fitting angle and the settings are okay then you will get incredible pictures. Under existing people swimming in the cave decorated with heavenly light that comes into the cave through a gap earlier. Wow, very good, almost similar to the one in the cave Jomblang.

That's the beauty of the cave Pindul that has been well-known in Indonesia. Because of this beauty makes a cave tours Pindul always visited by tourists, especially in the holiday season. Our advice if you want to really enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of the cave Pindul, came just at the time was not the holiday season. Guaranteed fun. In the holiday season it will be crowded.

On-site facilities caving Pindul
Tourist attractions including tours of the cave Pindul already well developed. Here already available mosque, shops and restaurants can also be used as a resting place. This is important because it is usually in each group are not necessarily all come Cave Tubing, because there may be a small child, or elderly people who are unlikely to participate plunging into the river. Of course they had to wait in a resort location. The menu offered by cafes and restaurants is also varied and the price is not too expensive.

Travel around the cave Pindul
We know that the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, there are many. Most of the beach and the cave that has a very exotic scenery. Nearby attractions Pindul cave you can find several locations other attractions that are not less interesting. Travel around the cave Pindul is the most demanding Oya river tubing. Oya River tubing is almost the same as the cave Pindul but that is laced Oya river. Same way, using a float vests and inner tubes. In addition you can also Off Road in the tourist village Bejiharjo. Tour it is still relatively new. Here visitors will be invited to tour the village to Bejiharjo which has a beautiful landscape using jeeps. Sure to be exciting due to the undulating terrain will pump our adrenaline. Besides cave Bejiharjo Pindul around the village there is also a cave Gelatik. Gelatik cave scenery is no less interesting. You still have time to visit the cave can try this one.

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