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Oya river water tourism is very enjoyable

Tourist attractions Oya river tubing exciting - Oya River is a major river flowing near the tourist area of the cave Pindul. Once you are satisfied explore the cave Pindul usually you will be directly offered by the guide to go down the river Oya or river tubing. Yes, if we, all the way up to the cave Pindul otherwise once Oya river to river tubing, taste loss. Anyways it was already wet, so be it, at the same time wet. Before you read this article further it would be nice if you read the first information about tourist attractions Pindul beautiful cave, because the article is closely related to this article.

Travel down the river Oya is guaranteed to be fun. This Oya river water is pretty clear and apparently has not been contaminated by wastes, both from factories and households. To down the river Oya, you may be taken by automotive sort of pickup from location of the cave Pindul. The equipment needed is almost the same as that used for cave down Pindul is enough to tire floats and buoys vest. After reaching the initial location of the traverse, there is already a special officer from the restaurant which will offer you a lunch package. So if you order food, eventually the restaurant will prepare it beforehand. So that after completion of river tubing activity, you and your entourage can immediately eat together in a location edge of rice fields close to the finish river tubing. We have never tried ordering. So we can not give a review, in terms of both taste and price.

Sensation rafting in the river Oya

When starting the traverse, a guide will explain a bit of about the techniques that should be known by the participants. After that, the participants one by one to be swept away into the river Oya. the traverse starting place rather swift current. So one participant must tread alone. When the current has been quiet, then the guide will guide the participants to hand in hand as was done in the cave Pindul. Oya river flow is not the same, sometimes quiet sometimes profusely. So as to react also have to adjust to the conditions. Although only a river, but it Oya river to save the incredible views. Sometimes you will be taken to a section in the form of fast currents with protruding rocks in the river. Sometimes you are brought into the mainstream quiet with right-left side of rock that has a certain groove. Sometimes also a view of the right side in the form of towering cliffs. Anyway, really beautiful. Guaranteed will not regret it down the river Oya. Along the way you will be invited to stop at a waterfall for a moment to enjoy a shower under the water flow. Additionally, you can jump from the edge of the cliff into the river with a height of about 10 meters. Try bold?

Having reached the end river tubing from the river Oya, you'll go up to the riverbank and the car was carrying, is ready to transport you back to the site of the cave Pindul tourist area.

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