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Enjoying beauty of Empu Rancak beach and eating seafood

Nature tourism Empu Rancak beach in Jepara - Empu Rancak beach add a row of beach tourism in the regency of Jepara, Central Java province other than Kartini beach, Bondo beach, Pungkruk beach, Bandengan beach, etc. This beach is located in the village of Karang Gandong, subdistrict Mlonggo, Jepara regency. In this beach area, were encountered various kinds of seafood because in addition to natural beauty, Empu Rancak beach also famous culinary of seafood. Many cafes and restaurants selling seafood specialties. Still not many people know Empu Rancak beach. So this beach, it still looks deserted and no visitors. But the last four years, Empu Rancak beach was developed independently by local communities to boost the economy of local people.

Sunset of Empu Rancak beach

The water of Empu Rancak beach is very quiet and nothing the waves, clean, and when seen from the number of pieces of rocks and broken coral reefs fronting this beach is used to have a good underwater beauty. Empu Rancak beach also has a beauty very remarkable and panoramic beauty of sunset and sunrise. Especially if we enjoy the beauty of the sunset directly and we see face to face towards the west looks so beautiful. In addition to views of sunset and sunrise so beautiful, Empu Rancak beach also has other advantages including, a stretch of white sand is clean and beautiful and the beach is still virgin (beach is still untouched/beach which still has not been broken). Access to reach the Empu Rancak beach also very easy and the streets were still fairly good. So that visitors are not hard to find a Empu Rancak beach.

Well, the more special is the typical food such as seafood such as fish, squid and shrimp. The seafood can be cooked according to consumer tastes. Can be grilled, fried dry, or made sour sweet. Some fish such as Ngangas fish, Badong fish, Grouper fish, Red Snapper and Dorang fish. For the price of fish is quite low, only IDR 60,000 per kilogram for all types of fish. Price of squid just IDR 70,000 per kilogram, and the price of shrimp IDR 150,000 per kilogram. That price includes rice, salad and soy sauce were delicious. Sauce is very tasty and delicious to pair with delicious food. Eating in
foreshore while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Seafood squid

For those of you who are confused in choosing the tourist attraction is appropriate for a vacation with the family, in Empu Rancak beach you can spend your holiday time with the family and you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the beach Empu Rancak beach. In addition you can also enjoy typical seafood culinary Empu Rancak beach.

Well, so what can we say about the beauty of Empu Rancak beach who known with culinary of seafood. If you would like to know more about this beach you can come to Jepara regency. Welcome visit.

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