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The beauty of tourist attraction Bandengan beach

Fun traveling to the Bandengan beach in Jepara, Central Java - you are confused to choose a beautiful natural attraction? In Jepara there are so many natural tourist attractions were so beautiful. One of them is the Tirto Samodra beach. However, people familiar Tirto Samodra beach, with names Bandengan beach. This beach is located approximately 7 kilometers from downtown of Jepara. Why is called with name of the Bandengan beach? Appellation name Bandengan beach is closely related to one of the legends origin Karimunjawa archipelago, which inside legend is told Amir Hasan son of Sunan Muria was ordered to go deepen and simultaneously develop the science of religion to Karimunjawa archipelago. When he reached this beach, they found a lot of milkfish. So the region was named village Bandengan and then its beach also commonly referred to as Bandengan beach. History origin of Bandengan beach are already widely known by the public, especially residents of Jepara. (Note : Bandengan means a lot of milkfish).

Tirto Samodra beach located in the village of Bandengan, subdistrict of Jepara, Jepara regency. This beach has water so clean and clear bluish green colored and stretch of white sand so fine. Tirto Samodra beach is located on the seashore of the northern coast of Java, so many tourists are attracted to come to this beach. This beach is one of the tourist attraction in the city of Jepara visited by many tourists in the holiday season arrives, in addition to other beaches in Jepara such as Kartini beach, Pungkruk beach, Karimunjawa etc.

Rides in Bandengan beach

Bandengan beach, including in the row of the north coast of Java, which has a characteristic waves are not too big. This makes Bandengan beach is very fun to be used as a place playing with the family. On this beach, visitors can enjoy a variety of water rides ranging from boating, play water with tires and also play banana boat. Here you can also enjoy the charm of the sea panorama very beautiful and lovely, such as for sunrise and sunset which is unfortunate for you miss. In Tirto Samodra beach there are also resort, inn and hotel. If you want a vacation and stay here, some lodgings are offered here include:
  1. Paradise beach resort
  2. Hotel Bandengan beach
  3. Sunset resto and bungalow
  4. Villa Mororejo beach 

Thus earlier reviews of traveled to the Bandengan beach, Jepara, Central Java. So you do not have to worry anymore to visit Tirto Samodra beach. Hopefully the information we provide is useful and If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the Tirto Samodra beach, you can directly visit. Happy holidays and traveling.

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