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The beauty of the white sand beach Parangtritis

A visit to the beach The Beautiful - Parangtritis Beach is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the province of Yogyakarta. Parangtritis has a natural beauty that is captivating. A stretch of clean white sand which is very spacious, with huge waves is an aspect of the beauty of this beach. The beach is very close to the mythical Nyai Roro Kidul. It can not denying because of location of Parangtritis is often deadly, especially the tourists who were bathing on the beach so it seemed haunted. In addition it is in the location of the tourist attractions Parangtritis is often held adat ceremonies every month Suro or Muharram which is usually implemented by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Location Parangtritis beach Yogyakarta
Parangtritis is a beach located in the village Parangtritis, sub Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta or about 27 km south of Yogyakarta. This location is very easily accessible either by private car or public transportation. If you use public transport you can start it from the terminal Yogyakarta and look for bus Parangtritis direction.

Mystery Parangtritis beach
As we say above that Parangtritis beach is very closely related to the presence of Nyi Roro Kidul as ruler of southern coast of Java. There is a myth or a growing belief that when traveling to Parangtritis beach do not wear blue. Because blue is the favorite color Nyi Roro Kidul. If you wear it, then you can be dragged into big waves. Many events beachgoers were swept away and found dead. Although this can not be proven directly that this is caused by supernatural beings watchman Parangtritis beach, but many people already believe in the existence of this mystery Parangtritis beach. From the scientific outlook was generally Parangtritis beach is included in the row of the south coast of Java, which is known to have very high waves. So If you are on vacation to the tourist attractions Parangtritis beach how good you all and your family to be careful. Not to swim too in order not to be dragged into the waves are very powerful.

 Tourist attraction Parangtritis

Suction strange waves Parangtritis beach
The experts geology confirms that the main cause of the loss of a number of tourists on the beach Parangtritis, Bantul, was dragged by a rip current. With speeds reaching 80 kilometers per hour, the reverse flow was not only strong, but also deadly. Geospatial Laboratory Head Parangtritis I Nyoman Sukmantalya said, until now the information about rip currents is minimal. As a result, people are still often associate the events of disappearance victims in the south coast of Java with things mystical. In fact, there is a scientific explanation behind the accident.

Reverse flow is the flow of water coming wave that hit the coast and back again to the sea. The currents can be very strong because usually the accumulation of the meeting of two or more waves coming. ""The strength of the current drag forth several times more powerful than exposure to the waves coming. Travelers who are not vigilant can be easily washed away." says Nyoman explained in Yogyakarta.

Unfortunately, the reverse flow occurs so quickly. Even in seconds. Flow was also not just happen in one place. But can switch location. This happens in the direction of the wave which also adjusts the direction of the wind blowing from the sea towards the land. Hopefully this information is useful for your vacation to the beach Parangtritis. Stay alert and cautious when visiting any tourist spot.

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