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Explore the beauty of beach Baron, Krakal and Kukup

Enjoy the beauty of Baron beach, Krakal beach, Kukup beach Yogyakarta - City of Yogyakarta does have a very beautiful natural. Among the natural beauty of Yogyakarta is located along the southern coast of Yogyakarta, which contained a row of beach with natural landscapes is very charming. Among the rows of beach in Yogyakarta, which is very popular is a row of beach located in the district of Gunung Kidul. Here are Baron beach, Krakal beach, and Kukup beach. Actually, at this location there are other coastal tourist locations, but most tourists drawing attention is the third beach. Other beaches contained in a row of Baron beach is Sundak beach, Drini beach, Sepanjang beach, Indrayanti beach etc.

For tour packages this time, we will invite you explore the beauty of the beaches in Gunung Kidul. Gunung Kidul is a district in the east of Yogyakarta, which has many natural attractions including Baron beach, Krakal beach, and Kukup beach. Starting from the first tour, we will invite you to the beach Baron. Baron Beach is a beach located in the area Kemadang, Tanjungsari, located 20 km from the city Wonosari. This beach is the beach where the water meets the sea and fresh water. On the west beach there is a pool of fresh water coming from the fountain of the cave. Here you will also find lots of fishing boats that carry fish from the sea. Here you can buy fish caught by fishermen with a variety of prices, depending on our expertise in the bid price. Also in Baron beach there are also several restaurants that provide a wide variety of seafood. You can also buy fresh fish from the fishermen and asked to be cooked by the meal home. There are several dishes including lobster, sea water fish (snapper, layur, white pomfret, tuna, etc.).

After from beach Baron, we will invite you to the beach Krakal. Named Krakal beach because at this beach has a location that resemble small rocks (in the Java language called Krakal). This beach has white sand and some specific areas such as a small rock in the Java language called Krakal. On this beach, there are plenty of fish to hide behind the small rocks, and therefore often many small children love to play here to catch fish using small nets that are sold by traders around. But we need to be careful here because there is animals that are often referred to as the people around urchins / sea urchin, a kind of marine animals that resemble sea urchins but a round circle. This animal has sharp thorns so dangerous when on foot. Along this beach we can find a lot of vendors selling fish and all kinds of accessories made of shells and beach rocks.

After from beach Krakal, we will invite you to the beach Kukup. This beach is located on the west beach Krakal less about 6 km. Almost the same as Krakal beach, here too many vendors selling a variety of ornamental fish and some also sell sea water fish dishes, as well as crabs. Attractive beach Kukup is, there is a stopover which is located above the rocks where we can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach from above. To travel to the observation post is not hard enough, you can simply climb the stairs and down the bridge available to the viewing post this.

Characteristic of Baron beach
Baron beach in Yogyakarta has its own uniqueness because it is a beach which becomes a meeting between freshwater and seawater. There is a river that empties into the Baron beach so there is current meeting freshwater and saltwater. History of Baron beach already well known by the local community is naming this beach is taken from a character from the Netherlands named Baron Sekeber.

Beauty of Baron beach

Characteristic of Krakal beach
Krakal beach has extensive shoreline and the longest among other beaches in Gunung Kidul. This beach is shaped landau, and the white sand along the 5 kilometers. In addition there is a cool sea breeze with the sound of waves passing through the big rocks.

Beauty of Krakal beach

Characteristic of Kukup beach
Kukup beach is a very beautiful beach and has waves rather quiet. So many tourists ever before taking a bath in this tourist area. Adjacent to the eastern end of Kukup beach there is a cluster of coral are is very similar to land Lot in Bali Island.

Beauty of Kukup beach

Facilities at the Baron beach, Krakal beach, and Kukup beach
The three beach tourist spots already well developed by the Provincial Government of Yogyakarta. So the condition is very good tourist spots and arranged neatly. There are rows of souvenir sellers are lined up neatly in this tourist location. Besides the parking lot, food stalls also been there and arranged neatly in this place. On the beach is also existing hotels, inexpensive lodging as a resting place travelers who want to stay.

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