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Enjoy a holiday in Gembira Loka Zoo

Family tourism in Gembira Loka Zoo Yogyakarta - The holiday season will go where? Confused? If you need information about the tourist attractions which you can visit with the whole family, then you are very right when reading this article. In Yogyakarta, there is a zoo that has a complete collection of rare animals and with excellent management. This zoo is Gembira Loka Zoo. This zoo is one of the family attractions visited by tourists both from Yogyakarta itself and from surrounding towns. Aside from being a family tour Gembira Loka Zoo is also suitable for use as an educational tour. For those who manage family planning school, kindergarten and elementary school can make Gembira Loka Zoo as a tourist location class when the holidays arrive.

Location from the zoo Gembira Loka
Gembira Loka Zoo is built on the river bank of Gajah Wong or rather contained in the street Botanical Garden 2, Kotagede, postcode 55 171 Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. To achieve this very easy, because from Malioboro is only about 6 kilometers towards the east.

History of Gembira Loka Zoo
The idea for the construction of Gembira Loka Zoo is originally from Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII in 1933. At that time the Sultanate of Yogyakarta's Sultan wanted a place of recreation for the citizens in the form of Rojo Garden or Botanical Garden. However, maybe this idea will be realized in the next the reign of Sultan namely Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX built together engineer Karsten. Gembira Loka Zoo was inaugurated on 10 November 1953 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and management handed over to Foundation Gembiraloka chaired by Sri Paku Alam VIII. Until now Gembira Loka Zoo is managed well and even more crowded with tourists.

Gembira Loka Zoo

What is there in Gembira Loka Zoo?
Gembira Loka Zoo in Yogyakarta has a very complete collection of animals. Among the animals that are protected species due endangered such as komodo, orangutans, elephants, deer, tigers, monkeys, birds, camels, zebra etc. In addition to these animals in Gembira Loka Zoo Yogyakarta also has built some games are ready to be enjoyed by our children such as water scooter, ATV, bumper boats, boat, banana boat "Orca" etc.

Facilities at Gembira Loka Zoo
As we have mentioned above that the Gembira Loka Zoo are family attractions in Yogyakarta that has been managed professionally so much visited by visitors. At tourist sites have been built some games as well as public facilities that cater for tourists such as:
  1. Water bike
  2. Swimming Capture
  3. Crank boat
  4. Mini train
  5. Catamaran vessel "Dugong"
  6. Tirta Mayang
  7. Toilet cleaner
  8. Free Wi-Fi Zone
  9. ATV and Bike Arena
  10. Reptile and Amphibian Park
  11. Bird Park
  12. Laboratory Gembira Loka (Museum)
  13. Trash and overgrown trees for shade
  14. Worship Facilities (mosque) is quite clean

The admission price Gembira Loka Zoo
Ticket entrance to Gembira Loka Zoo Yogyakarta is as follows:
  • The admission price is IDR 20,000 for Monday - Friday
  • The admission price is IDR 25,000 for Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.
Some rides require more tickets if you want to enjoy, including:
  • Water scooter, ATV, bumper boats, boat, banana boat "Orca", fish therapy: IDR 20,000
  • Paddle boats: IDR 15,000
  • Kataraman ship, elephant riding, camel riding, fishing pond: IDR 10,000
  • Kano crank, mini train: IDR 5,000
Note: prices are subject to change

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